Dancing ‘Till the End

Dance team came to Woodgrove this year and at first had some difficulty becoming recognized, but they pulled through. Dance team is in fine arts not the sports department and they perform at some football games. They practiced at Footloose sometimes and Footloose sponsors them.

“I wanted to do dance team because I have a background in dance and had a back injury, so I quit and I thought this could be a middle ground,” said sophomore Maddie Doherty.

It only took a couple of weeks to create the routine and then they just had to perfect it. It was a complicated routine. It was danced to a mixture of songs and each song was about 30 seconds long. The costumes were expensive, but the dance team was able to raise the money with bake sales and a tropical smoothie fundraiser.

“We had to limit everything we bought and when we started there was a big upfront fee,” said freshman Kayla Henniger.

Like every other activity, dance team had a rough start with the sport department rejecting them and then fine arts taking them under their wing.

“Sports are stricter than fine arts and fine arts is a better title,” said sophomore Brooke Winsor.