How much time and money is really used to prepare for homecoming

As Homecoming is creeping up on the calendar, students are busy searching for dresses, nominating people for Homecoming Court, and making restaurant reservations.  But by the end of October, how much time and money is really spent for homecoming preparation?

To get started, students start making and contemplating their plans for before, during, and after homecoming activities around the start of October.  Given that this is a main topic for discussion during open lunch, after school, and on the phone, in the end, about six hours are spent going back and forth on ideas.   Needless to say, this part of the homecoming preparation is free, unless you go overboard on your texting.

Shopping for what to wear at Homecoming can be a big social part of everyone’s October.  Even for the guys, who may need to buy a new outfit if they have grown, spend time and money on this part of Homecoming preparation.  Of course, girls spend lots of time trying on and deciding which dress and shoes look the best.  All in all, usually at least two hours are spent at the mall and it can add up to $100 pretty fast.

“Picking out dresses for Homecoming is fun when you go with friends because you can see all the different designs everyone’s into,” said sophomore Edka Wong.

Whether your group goes out to a restaurant or eats at someone’s house, the dinner before Homecoming can be a large part of the night.  Eating at a restaurant requires reservations and can really be pricey for a large group.  On the other hand, having a pre-dance dinner at someone’s house takes lots of time to plan, prepare, and clean up.  It’s all about what you’re going for.

Students must purchase their Homecoming tickets for $15 on October 20th and 21st or for $20 from the 24th to the 27th.   

“I’ve been thinking about Homecoming since last year.  Since I’m a freshman I’ve been thinking about it a lot because it’s pretty exciting,” said freshman Sierra Cochran.

Before even arriving to the dance and making high school memories, time is used and money is spent, but the memories one will make are always priceless.