Dancing ‘till the end

This year a dance team was started up at Woodgrove and had a hard time being recognized at first.

The team had a rough start when they were rejected by the athletic department, but were later claimed by the fine arts department.

“Sports are stricter than fine arts and fine arts is a better title,” said sophomore Brooke Winsor.

The team does perform at some football games and sometimes practices at Footloose, who sponsors them.

“I wanted to do dance team because I have a background in dance and had a back injury, so I quit and I thought this could be a middle ground,” said sophomore Maddie Doherty.

The team also makes up their own dance routines which take weeks of learning, fundraising for costumes, and the hunt for a sound track to dance too. Because costumes are expensive, the team raises money by doing bake sales and a Tropical Smoothie fundraiser.

“We had to limit everything we bought and when we started there was a big upfront fee,” said freshman Kayla Henniger.