Celebration week royalty

From the first day of school, the buzz about homecoming is in the air. With no seniors graduating last year, the dance was renamed the Celebration Week Dance. Regardless of the the title, the buzz about the celebration week (homecoming) court was all around the halls. Whether they want it or not, two students from the freshmen, sophomore, and junior classes, and fourteen seniors, are elected.

On October 4, students were asked to vote on Loudoun Vision for five girls and five guys to represent their class. The top two from the freshman, sophomore, and junior class and the top seven from the senior class created the Celebration Week Court. The students are given a chance of whether or not they would like to participate once elected, however if they choose to they must fulfill their court responsibilities. The jobs that come with being on the court are to dance and participate at the pep rally on Friday, walk on the field during the football game that night, and attend the dance on Saturday.

“It means the world to me knowing that my class thinks highly enough of me to put me in this place. I’m so honored,” said sophomore representative Natalie Browning.

During the game on Friday, October 28h, the Celebration Week King and Queen, which was voted on by the seniors on October 19th through Loudoun Vision, will be announced. During the the Celebration Week dance the next night, the court will be recognized along with a special dance for the King and Queen.

Senior member of the homecoming court, Matt Caslin said, “it’s really cool and means a lot to me to be recognized on homecoming court in the last year of high school.”