Students’ mothers win local elections

November 8th marked a successful election for Republicans, not only on the national level, but on the local level as well. Republicans won the majority of seats in the House of Representatives, and in Loudoun County too. Three Woodgrove students had a firsthand look at the election; their mothers ran for, and won, in the vote.

Senior Josh Clarke’s mother, Janet Clarke, was elected to the Board of Supervisors. Megan and Zach Turgeon’s mother, Jill Turgeon, was elected to the School Board.

Not having their parents around was one impact the election had on these students’ lives. Other than that, Megan, a junior, said, “her life has not changed very much.”

Zach, a freshman, thought having his mother run for school board was “cool, but she wasn’t home much.”

For Clarke, he says, “it has made me more independent.”

Zach learned of his mother’s win while at the Purcellville train station with her. The news came as a surprise to his sister, Megan.

In contrast, Clarke said, “I was not very surprised my mom won, because I had heard people’s opinions of the incumbent, and they seemed to feel his time was up.”

After months of hard work and campaigning, both families now get to unwind. “We got to skip school the next day to celebrate,” said Megan.

“My parents went on vacation to Palm Beach, Florida after the election,” said Clarke.

Megan supported her mother’s decision to run, believing that “she’ll be good for the school board.”

“I think my mom will be good for this position because she really likes to help the community,” said Clarke.

Through observing their parents’ journeys, these students have decided they do not want to pursue a career in politics.

“I dislike politics, actually,” said Clarke.

While for Megan, she says it is “too stressful.”