Gobbling food and memories

Thanksgiving is usually a time of family, gratefulness, and personal reflection; yet, sometimes things get a little goofy and memories are always made.  We went around and asked teachers and students some of their best, most memorable Thanksgiving stories.

Junior Sophie Dutterer shared a very funny story with us.  One year, her family left their turkey on the kitchen counter and left the room.  They returned to find their dog’s head stuck in the turkey!  She also told us that “her house flooded when they left a turkey defrosting in the sink.”

Thanksgiving is also a bonding  time for families to come together.  For families who do not live close together, this time of year is a particularly popular time to get everyone around the same table, under the same roof.

Resource teacher Mrs. Tilling’s brother always shows up to Thanksgiving dinner in casual clothes, like sports shorts and a T-shirt, while the rest of the family dresses up.  One year, they decided to switch things around and tell the brother he needed to dress up.  He showed up that night to find everyone else in his usual attire.

Perhaps Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays because it brings together families and allows people to reflect and give thanks for what they have.  We wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and here’s hoping for these crazy memories that will last a lifetime.