Linking Together for a Cure

During the week of January 9-13, the SCA held a contest to see which class could raise the most money for “Journey for a Cure.”

To participate in this contest, a student could buy a spirit link outside the cafeteria during open lunch, for $0.25. The class with the most spirit links at the end of the week received points toward the spirit plate.

Vice President of SCA’s community service, senior Briana Matthews, spoke a little about what “Journey for a Cure” is, and how the proceeds would benefit the cause. “Journey is a pediatric cancer foundation that raises money for cancer research for kids.” She said that the donations would go toward buying iPads for children with cancer. While in the hospital, the kids need something to play with.

“Journey for a Cure” began when Stan and Sherri Carmical lost their eleven-month-old son, Declan. He had a rare form of cancer that isn’t usually found in children. After numerous surgeries, blood transfusions, chemo treatments, getting his appendix removed, and bouncing from hospital to hospital, Declan lost his battle with the abundant tumors that were spreading from his brain into his spine. However, even through all the pain, Declan never lost his smile. He gave hope to his parents, neighbors, and other families battling similar cancer treatments. After that day, the Carmicals decided to start a foundation to help other families because of all the people who had helped them during their battle. They organized a way for people to donate to pediatric cancer research, and to help children feel more comfortable in their conditions.

Sophomore SCA member Georgia Bloomfield gave $50 to the spirit link competition. Her reasoning: “Finding the cure to cancer is dear to me, as my grandmother has had it four times…it made me feel like I was helping out.”

Thanks to Bloomfield, the sophomore class won the spirit plate points. The SCA hasn’t released information on how much was raised yet, but said that sophomores were in the lead.

On the other hand, this competition wasn’t about who won, as freshman Kaitlin Lindsey proved when she said, “Donating money made me feel like I accomplished something, and that I was making a difference for the kids.”

The students weren’t focused on who could get the most spirit plate points. When questioned, most said that they were just happy to see the money going to help cancer research for children.

After a long week of stringing paper links together, Woodgrove was able to make an impact by donating money for iPads for the kids at “Journey for a Cure.”