Woodgrove’s Genius Team

On December 17 the academic team went on “It’s Academic”, which is a local television show where local high schools compete with academic questions.  It airs on January 28 and since the team blew away the judges on Dec. 17 they were asked to come back on April 28.  It was taped in the NBC studios in Washington D.C. Chris Miller, Tara Saunders and Jill Lineburg competed on “It’s Academic”.

“In one word, academic team means “Victory” to me,” said Lineburg, a senior.

Woodgrove’s score was 610 while the other teams were 445 and 350. Miller, a junior, answered every question but one in the first round.  Not surprising considering Miller’s mom was on “It’s Academic” and his dad was on Jeopardy.

“I felt as if I was following in my parents footsteps,” said Miller.

The academic team is run by history teacher Louise Spicer.  They have practices twice a week where they prepare and answer practice questions.

“To me, academic team is family,” said Saunders, who is also a senior this year.

Riding on a bus with a lot of people can form a strong bond with one another.  Many of the academic team members can even be found at lunch together having fun.  If you wish to join the academic team, you can find Spicer in room 200.