Change is never good?

The way grades have been calculated has changed from last year. This year we have a device called the 80/20. 80% of our grade is tests and quizzes or mastery items. The other 20% of our grade is homework or class work/practice grades. If you’re a good test taker but don’t turn in homework this will help you.  However, if the opposite is true then 80/20 will hurt your overall grade.

“I don’t mind the 80/20, but I want to have more than test and quizzes in the 80% of the grade,” said math teacher Jeff Schutte.

In the 80% of the grade only tests and quizzes are in it.  Most projects are in practice.  This means there is a lot more preparing for tests now, because one bad test grade can bring down your overall grade.  However, this also allows for teachers to have more re-takes and extra credit opportunities if a student does poorly on a test.

“It puts more stress on both students and teachers because of the increased need for preparation,” said PE teacher Norman Mumaw.

However, this is from a teacher’s perspective, and most students do not see much of a difference.  Most students said their grades remained the same as their previous grades from before the 80/20 policy was implemented.  Additionally, most seemed to agree that the 80/20 policy made tests and quizzes more important, because now one may have to study a little bit harder than they have in the past.

“If I could change the 80/20, I would change it to 60/40, so tests and quizzes would still be more important, but one bad test grade wouldn’t ruin your whole grade,” said freshman Kristen Garner.