Snowcoming Week

Snowcoming week was held last week to spark spirit for the Valley-Woodgrove basketball game.  There were spirit days every day of the week and a pep rally preceding the big game Wednesday night.

Last Tuesday, the first day back from exams, was Chillin’ Like a Villain Day.  Students came to school as villains—the decision of coming as good or bad was up to them.

Wednesday brought lots of neon colors and animal print around the school.  Students dressed up for the Wild and that afternoon, students and faculty gathered in the gym for a pep rally.  Winter athletes were introduced and the new “rollercoaster” cheer was presented to the school by senior Kim Pittinger.  The Spirit Plate was taken from the seniors, for the first time in the year, by the sophomores.  The freshman class of 2014 took second, with juniors coming in third and seniors in last.

Activities lined up the pep rally like the loudest class and the Chubby Bunny Game.  Senior Luke Cowne was a participant of the marshmallow eating game and said, “the marshmallows were delicious, but getting syrup literally everywhere wasn’t fun.”

Basketball players were starred in the pep rally as the boys pulled the girls around the gym on sleeping bags, then the girls pulled the boys.  Senior Brendan Wells and junior Sarah Hardison took the win in the race.  Hardison and the girl’s team later pulled a win against Valley, while the boys fell in a close contest.

Softball players held a spaghetti dinner after school and before the game.  The dinner was held to raise money for new uniforms and equipment.

“It was good working with my softball teammates again before the season starts back up in couple weeks,” said sophomore Corinne Vennitti who helped out at the spaghetti dinner.

To finish off the week, Thursday was 90’s Cartoon Day and Friday was Ugly Sweater Day.

“I kind of forgot to dress up because I didn’t think there wasn’t enough hype about it.  I thought the spirit days themselves were creative, however. And I think it helped get people pumped up to cheer the boys on,” said senior Taylor Fortunato.