Freedom of religion?

Last week, President Barack Obama proposed a new health care law that required private Catholic organizations to offer mandated contraception coverage to female employees.  This quickly brought concerns from the Catholic Church, as they argued that the government was forcing them to provide something that was against their beliefs. When a trial was held last week on this matter, Washington, D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton was outraged when the entire jury was comprised of men.

“A church shouldn’t be required to provide birth control.  However, if a hospital has employees who aren’t Catholic they should have to provide it.  It doesn’t mean they have to use it,” said senior Capwell Taylor.

Obama finally chose to change the policy so that employers do not have to provide items that are against their beliefs.  So that means the Catholic Church does not have to provide contraception to their employees.

“You shouldn’t be able to discriminate behind religion and it’s not so much on the issue of church vs. government, but women having access to health care,” said history teacher Alex Bennett.

Under the Constitution, the U.S. government doesn’t have the power to force any religion to practice anything they don’t believe in. However, this recent legislation has brought up the issue, that many Americans believe that the U.S. government has been stepping outside its authority.  Many people believe that this change in the health care takes away the separation between state and religion. While others believe that religion is affecting our government.

“The church and government should be separate.  The government shouldn’t make the Catholic Church do anything, because in a way it’s violating our freedoms,” said senior Caleb Welsh.