What Happens Next?

Recently, the administrative staff, including our interim principal, Dr. Markley, has decided that it is time for an open lunch reform.

Comments and complaints from the community, students, and staff members alike, have prompted Markley to improve open lunch through a set of new guidelines. Although Markley is “100% satisfied” with student behavior he believes some people need to be reminded of what this program is intended for.

Markley has formed a committee of teachers, headed by Richard Rovang, to come up with recommendations on how to solve these problems.  Starting on April 10th, the day students return from spring break, school rules will be better enforced by more faculty supervision in the halls during open lunch. Also, students who are failing a class will not be permitted from participating in activities in the auxiliary gym and will be required to see their teacher until their grade has improved. Next year, he is planning to keep freshmen in the cafeteria and will only allow them out with a pass.

“They will be encouraged to be more academic,” said Markley about these new changes.

In order to insure a higher level of security and accountability he will also conduct two fire drills, one on an A day and one on a B day each month. He has come to realize that if something were to happen, it would be chaos because students wouldn’t know what to do.

“If the school was on fire or there was a tragedy, they would have to know where to go. It’s a safety issue.”

These changes will surely affect a student’s open lunch experience, but Markley is confident that it will be in a good way.