District Flag Flies Above WHS

Woodgrove Girls Varsity Tennis won the Dulles District regular season title after finishing the year undefeated.  Team captain Sunnie Lampl did not lose a match throughout the season.

On Friday, May 4th, a District victory flag was raised above the school in honor of the girl’s perfect season.  Principal Dr. Edgar Markley said the girls were “inaugurating a new thing here at Woodgrove.”

Markley hopes the tradition of the victory flag raised above the high school is a tradition that will last and something we continue to do. “This thing is for you. It’s all about you guys. I’m thinking we’ll have four more [flags] up here,” said Markley.  

With a record of 16-0, the team will enter the Dulles District tournament as the No. 1 seed. From there, the team hopes to make a run in Regionals. “It’ll be tough but if we play like we have been, we should win,” said Lampl.

The ladies, coached by chemistry teacher Lou Sharp, didn’t make it to Districts last year as a team, but Lampl went to District singles, losing in the Regional finals. Lampl and Jacangelo made it to District doubles and lost in the Regional semi-finals.

Key players include Lampl, Jacangelo, Stephanie Purnell, Caroline Abramson, Casey Miller, and Anna Mendonca. “We’ve had 16 wins, let’s get 16 more,” said Lampl.