First Lady Visits Loudoun

Michelle Obama’s visit to Leesburg on October 9 was a much anticipated event.  At an appearance at the Loudoun County Fair Grounds, Obama addressed the crowd on behalf of her husband’s fight for the middle class.

The First Lady was introduced by a local resident, Dana Monteau, who shared her story of her husband’s fight for survival from a genetic disorder.  Monteau said she can only afford her husband’s medical bills and prescriptions because of Medicare and fears she could not afford the costs if Romney won the election.  When the First Lady came onto the stage, the crowd erupted in cheers.

Throughout the rally many people shared their stories about why they support President Obama.  People cited varied examples from the auto industry to finally having healthcare.  Most attendees were ardent Obama supporters, and almost everyone at the event had on Obama buttons, held up signs, and some even made up cheers to show their support.  

 Michelle Obama spoke about ‘Obamacare’ and the need to step up and volunteer.  She ended her speech by saying, “With only 28 days until election, do you really want to wake up on November 7th and know that you could have done more?”