Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Visits Ida Lee on Election Tour

A week after Michelle Obama visited the Loudoun County Fairgrounds, Republican candidate Mitt Romney spoke at Ida Lee Park in Leesburg (October 17).  While there, the candidate criticized Obama’s performance in the recent debates, focusing on his lack of substantial information.  He then went on to talk about his own “five-point plan” involving energy sources, trade, education, budget, and small business.

Romney tried to sway peoples’ opinions, as Virginia is a major swing state with Loudoun County playing a pivotal role in the elections.  With 30 households donating $5,000 or more to the campaigns, the candidates are fighting for the county’s votes.  According to the non-partisan group, Virginia Public Access Project, Loudouners have donated approximately $650,000 to the campaigns overall.  Because of this, both presidential candidates and their wives have visited the county in the past three months.

Senior Emily Walters attended the rally.  Although Walters can’t yet vote she was happy to attend the rally.

“Having the opportunity to go and be involved in such a huge event was really great and unique.  Although I’m not able to vote this year, attending the rally really solidified my feelings toward the candidates and their platforms. “