Competition Heats Up Between Teachers and Students

Woodgrove seniors and faculty faced off in an academic challenge November 14th during Flex.  The teachers, including Mr. Greening, Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Rochon, Mr. Glover, Mr. Brown, Mr. Fortney, Mrs. Gresh, and Dr. Cuzzo, faced off against students Carolyn Saunders, Keegan Ottoson, Chris Miller, Anton Boras, Carl Pine, and Evan Smith.  Two rounds were played, each with twelve questions.  Toss-up questions could be answered by either team with the one who answered correctly qualifying for three bonus questions.  The students were ultimately victorious.

“I was not shocked the students won.  We have some very bright students,” Academic Team sponsor Mr. Kane said.  “I believe the teacher’s main issue was a lack of buzzer skills, but pride was also a factor.”

The student team gained an early lead, but finally, after the students had earned 120 points, Mr. Rochon answered a math question correctly.  After this, the teachers were able to put themselves on the board but by the end of round one, the teachers had 160 points and the students led with 200.

“It was funny how every time both teams didn’t know the answer, they said Jennifer Aniston,” senior Rachel Wilk said.

At the beginning of round two, a correct answer and 30 bonus points tied the teachers with the students at 200 points.  However, the seniors pulled forward once again with the students winning with 380 to 280 points.

Next for the Academic team is their home meet this week, hosting Loudoun County and Dominion high schools. This will be their first VHSL competition of the season.

“It will be a tough meet to open the season,” Academic Team sponsor Mr. Lanham, said.  “But I am confident we will win.”  This Saturday, December 1st, however, will be the Academic team’s biggest event.  The team will air on the hit show “It’s Academic” for the second time on NBC at 11am.