Early Action Time

It’s that time of year, where seniors, busy with AP classes, after school activities, and part-time jobs, have also made the push to apply early action to colleges.  Many are now anxiously waiting for the results.

Many colleges now offer non-binding Early Action as an alternative to the binding early decision (where students have to attend if they are accepted) application.  Students can now find out about acceptance and ultimately decide where they want to attend sooner.  In fact, due to Hurricane Sandy, many colleges with earlier deadlines extended their Early Action Deadlines to accommodate for students impacted by the storm.

According to the Guidance Department, Woodgrove seniors have been very active in applying early decision.  Senior Olivia Becker stated her reasons for applying Early Action to Liberty University,

“My sister goes to Liberty and plays lacrosse there.  I visited there a lot and fell in love with it.  I committed to play lacrosse there in February and then submitted an Early Action application.”

Although she has signed to play lacrosse, she has yet to receive an actual letter of acceptance, but stated satisfaction with applying early decision saying, “It’s a lot easier to be done with everything and not worry about other applications.”

However, not all who have applied Early Action have found out yet.  Senior Ben Browning told of his experience with applying Early Action to the University of Virginia,

“I was excited at first to apply early action, because it’s non-binding and I find out a lot sooner, and then I found out that the notification date was February 1, two months after I’d expected.”

Counselor Ms. Willemsma offered her views on Early Decision,

“I think that it is an opportunity for students to work early on their college applications, focusing on their areas of interest, and can reassure students about where they are going to attend, that their efforts in academics and activities have been acknowledged and have more time to focus on their senior year studies and classes.”

This trend seems to have accelerated in recent years and shows little sign of stopping soon.

“Students are applying earlier and earlier and this is the busiest year for early action yet,” added Ms. Willemsma.