Jazz Band at the Lead Conference

The Woodgrove Jazz Band, performed at the Lead Conference for the National Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society, and National Association of Student Councils, in Crystal City, Virginia, on Feb. 1st. The band performed in the grand ballroom at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, and there were about 1000 in attendance.

“I was a bit struck when we walked into the huge room, it was definitely sobering,” said sophomore Brian Burk.

The Jazz Band was picked to play after being heard at a recent performance.  The Jazz Band dedicated their performance to Senior Forrest Cauley who couldn’t be there because he was having heart surgery. (For more information read article entitled “Cauley Rturns to Health after Heart Surgery.” ) The band performed the songs “Get It On,” ” Bird Land,”  “Chicken,” “Sharp- Dressed Man,” “Cut to the Chase,” and “At Last.”

“I enjoyed playing for such a huge crowd, and in such a big room. It made the Jazz Band feel so official and refined,” said senior Lindsay Vander Molen.

Although the Jazz Band tries to be professional, they also have fun and make a few minor mistakes along the way. Before the performance, seniors Steven Stulga and Carl Pine were dancing and having fun, when all of a sudden Stulga’s chair went backwards and hit the huge curtain. Stulga’s trumpet was on the chair that went crashing down. There was a split second where Carl Pine held his breath hoping the curtain wouldn’t fall, but that didn’t happen. As one of the poles started to fall,  Stulga, and sophomore Will Jones jumped into action, each grabbing a pole and setting it back up.  Hotel personnel came bounding in just as Jones returned to his seat and all returned to normal.

“It was before we performed, so the audience was sitting there laughing with us. Everyone saw it, and at least nobody will forget us,” said Stulga.

“I think we all learned not to let me and Steven dance to close to anything remotely breakable,” said Carl Pine.