Froyo Frenzy

Quickly dwindling is the American memory of ordering an ice cream sundae at the retro diner in town.  This common environment of only several decades ago may have been replaced with the bright colors of frozen yogurt shops and their luring claims of health.  The growing frozen yogurt industry has escalated rapidly in the past three decades, and with a frozen yogurt shop soon joining the town of Purcellville, the industry’s recent spike hits home.

If you were to drive past the Purcellville Gateway, you might notice a new addition to the shopping center.  The upcoming frozen yogurt shop Sweet Frog will soon be opening in the Gateway.  According to the Purcellville Gateway’s Facebook page, there are only about two to three weeks left of construction until Purcellville will join in on the new trend America is experiencing.

The Froyo industry spawned in the 1980’s, but did not actually take off until recently.  The ice cream industry however, may be threatened by this sudden craze.  In fact, if you were to search Yellow Book’s website for frozen yogurt shops in Loudoun, you would receive 194 results, whereas ice cream’s search would present 187.  This begs the question of why the sudden attention to Froyo has occurred.  Well it is possible that customers are intrigued by the frequent claims that Froyo possesses increased health over ice cream, but this could be debated.

When asked if Americans show a preference of frozen yogurt over ice cream, Sweet Frog manager Jenny Nichols said, “I think they do because they feel like it’s healthier to eat and they feel that it’s lighter than ice cream.”

In fact, Nichols pointed out the sign kept in the Leesburg Sweet Frog, which lists reasons why customers should choose Frozen Yogurt over ice cream.  It mentions the shop’s low fat yogurts and fresh ingredients.

When asked her opinion on frozen yogurt, Sweet Frog customer and freshman Cameron Jay said, “It seems healthier and tastes better than ice cream.”  She believes that Froyo is in fact healthier than ice cream and considers the sign support for the theory.  According to the main nutritional benefit to frozen yogurt over ice cream is the lower fat content because it is made with yogurt rather than cream.  The site also claims that while calories can be similar with both products, Froyo may have higher sugar amounts.

While ice cream may seem like the unhealthier choice, too many chocolate chips or cereal crumbles on top of your Froyo may throw your “healthy snack” intention out the window.

Dairy Queen Manger Kamal Nenpane believes the ice cream industry will continue to grow.  Nenpane said, “Customer satisfaction is the most important thing and keeping food healthy is the next thing.”  Nenpane also mentioned Dairy Queen’s upcoming healthier products.

Does this mean that the ice cream industry will soon match the Frozen Yogurt Industry?  Only time will tell.  But as for Woodgrove, even Principal William Shipp admitted to preferring frozen yogurt and eating it more often than ice cream.

In fact, Dairy Queen customer and WHS freshman Emily Herbert said she believes frozen yogurt is “the new thing.”  Herbert went on to say that, “People used to like ice cream, but frozen yogurt is new and people see it as healthier.”

With all this talk about increased health in frozen yogurt, perhaps the present-day mostly overweight America will continue to enjoy the new frozen treat.  If the industry does continue to grow, perhaps America will head in the right direction as well.  Frozen yogurt is certainly sweeping the nation and Loudoun County.  One can only imagine the treats we have in store following this Froyo Frenzy.