Important Information for Senior Graduation

Wednesday, May 29th: Cap and Gown Distribution during Open Lunch

Thursday, May 30th: Graduation Ticket Distribution during Open Lunch

Friday, May 31st

 Senior Awards Ceremony followed by a MANDATORY Graduation Practice

(If you do not attend practice, you may not participate in the formal ceremony on June 10th.)

Monday, June 10th: Graduation Ceremony

Arrival Time- 6:30 am- Report to your Senior Homeroom

Should the ceremony take place indoors, tickets are necessary. Students will be issued 10 tickets (four white-allow entrance into the main gym, six green allow entrance into the auditorium). These tickets will be distributed on May 30th-during open lunch.

Appropriate Dress- Your caps and gowns are navy blue with kelly green trim on the sleeve.

Men should wear a white dress shirt, tie, dress pants, dark socks, and dark dress shoes. No shorts allowed.

Women should wear dress attire (white is traditional but not required) and dress shoes. Be careful that your dress is no longer than your graduation gown. We will be walking quite a distance to the stadium from the school and down the track. During the ceremony, you will walk across the astro turf field to the stage to receive your diplomas. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you wear a lower heeled shoe, as high heels will be difficult to walk in gracefully and may get caught in the turf field.

Tassels are worn on the right side of the cap during the ceremony. Caps must be positioned correctly and securely on your head so style your hair appropriately. DO NOT WRITE OR TAPE ANYTHING ON THE TOP OF YOUR CAP – IT IS A MORTAR BOARD, NOT A BILLBOARD.