West African Celebration Day

Written by Cate Renner.

Students participate in experiencing African cultures
Students participate in experiencing African cultures

The African Studies, which is a dual enrollment class with NOVA recently, celebrated West African culture, with guest speakers from the Tandoh Family from Ghana; the class shared traditional food and clothes while the Tandohs told stories.  This experience is a normal occurrence to visually show what they learn in class.

“This was an enrichment day to teach the students about the culture of Ghana.  In the class the students learn about many different sub-Saharan cultures,” said history teacher Louise Spicer.

All sub-Saharan cultures are very different, and Ghana is different from many surrounding cultures.  Mrs. Tandoh brought in a display of Ghanaian clothes.  She currently makes her own Ghanaian clothes but with a modern twist, and then she then sells them.

“I thought the clothes were really cool and interesting.  I like the idea of bringing a modern spin to traditional African clothes,” said senior Jordan Rumke.

Members of the class prepared traditional African food as part of a project, and presented it to Mrs. Tandoh.  After tasting each dish, she evaluated on its authenticity.  The class found that many of these dishes used peanuts or yams as a common ingredient.

“She told me that my food was close, but I used ingredients that she wouldn’t have used,” said Rumke.

The family discussed their life in Ghana, and shared the vast differences compared to American culture.   Mrs. Tandoh and her husband would not be allowed to marry if they lived in Ghana because they came from regions of Ghana, and different cultures.