Spring Breakers

With Spring Break around the corner, students pin down their plans.

By Cate Renner and Maddie Doherty.

With Spring Break around the corner (April 14-18), lucky students are busy planning adventures.
Some will travel across the country, while others may choose to vacation on other continents.

Sophomore Camila Cifuentes plans to travel alone to California to visit a long-time friend. “I will go to Hollywood and visit all the tourist attractions,” said Cifuentes. “I will probably take some dance workshops.” Cifuentes said, “I am looking forward to traveling without my parents for the first time and seeing the famous sites in L.A.!”

Junior Julia Faber’s family travels to St. Pete’s beach in Tampa, FL nearly every year. “We always go back to the same hotel, and we usually chill on the beach and enjoy the nice weather,” said Faber. “A change of temperature is always nice in the cold season.” Faber looks forward to “sitting in a cabana on the beach, waiting for my dad to get me a smoothie.”

Social Sciences teacher Mrs. Louise Spicer and a group of Woodgrove students will visit Rome, Florence, and Paris over spring break.

This year, Spicer will take Ms. Rachel Leister’s traditional place on the Europe trip since Leister broke her ankle. Leister has participated on many EF tours, traveling to Italy, Switzerland, England, and Ireland. She uses the same tour director each time because they help to facilitate extra cultural experiences. Leister said, “ I think students like the independence to explore, as well as the guided tours.”

Every year Ms. Rachel Leister tries to get the same tour director because he knows exactly what she wants. Leister gets the tour director to take them to other less populated places.

Mostly upperclassmen will participate in the international trip.

Senior Keegan Duerr will ride an airplane for the first time but is not scared because “it’s more likely to be involved in an accidental nuclear war than a plane crash.” He looks forward to seeing Roman ruins.

“I decided to go on the trip because I’ve never been to Europe before,” said senior Andrew Harper.

Harper looks forward to the unique experiences he will have, traveling with a group of his peers. “It’ll be fun,” Harper said.

Harper, Duerr’s neighbor, most looks forward to seeing the Colosseum.

Harper remains calm at the prospect of his first trip ‘across the pond,’ having had traveled out of the country without his parents before. “I’ll probably wing it,” Harper said. “I’m just excited to go!”

After the first week of April, when most college admissions decisions are released, many seniors may choose to visit or revisit schools, to narrow down their choices.

Many students opt to stay home over Spring Break. Senior Daniel Belch is staying at home and said, “I will spend my time shooting hoops and writing poetry.” Since his parents are taking another honeymoon Belch will be home alone.
Travel rates often double during “spring break season,” prices are expecially expensive around major holidays. This year, Easter falls on April 20, the day before LCPS teachers and students return to school.Passover begins April 14 at sundown, meaning, for the first time in years, Jewish students have the majority of the 8-day holiday off from school.

A week without school affords employed students the opportunity to make some extra money.

Some students have obligations at home over spring break. For senior Kira Dabrowski, this will be her first year staying home over Spring Break. “I have to stay home because of lacrosse, but my mom is coming to visit from St. Louis,” Dabrowski said.