Siegel Reigns as Mr. Woodgrove

By Jack Klimek.

webMr.-WoodgroveThe first annual Mr. Woodgrove contest at Woodgrove High School, hosted by the key club, was a huge success as Josh Siegel won the title of Mr. Woodgrove. Coming in second was Woodgrove Sophomore Dillon Douglasson and third was Senior Grady Workman. The show itself helped the key club raise $586, which they donated to charity.

The contest first started off with the catwalk; then came the talent portion which won Josh Siegel the title of Mr. Woodgrove because he amused the crowd quite immensely with his impersonation of President Barak Obama. The contest looks to be a tradition throughout the future of Woodgrove High School.

Students really enjoyed the contest too. “I thought it was really funny and entertaining,” said Sophomore Sarah Root. “The money went to a good cause so that was cool too.”

The contest started off with the catwalk where participants Patrick Ward, Michael Briel, Dillon Douglasson, Logan Czarnecki, Josh Siegel, and Grady Workman were introduced. Sophomore Victor Rucker enjoyed the catwalk because the participants were very intriguing. “I really liked Pat Ward’s answers because he brought up some very good points.”

After the catwalk had been dismissed the talent portion came immediately after. Students were very amused when the talent portion had begun because it was filled with very funny acts.

Freshman Rachel Pack thought that the show should continue to be a growing tradition. “I enjoyed all the diversity and energy that the contestants had,” said Pack. “It was an awesome way to start the day.”

Each student paid a $1 fee to attend the contest, which resulted in $586 total. All of the money that the key club raised will be donated to charity.