Bad Weather Bonanza

By Maddy Fontaine.

The inconsistent weather in Loudoun County has been keeping the Woodgrove High School spring athletes on their toes and ready for almost anything. The unpredictable weather has been wreaking havoc upon the sports schedules and has been testing the patience of the players and coaches.

In March alone, we have seen snowstorms, rain storms, windstorms, and heat waves. “We all know about the polar vortex, which is cold air that stays up north, but has come down to visit us more often this year,” said Mrs. Janel Pidgeon, Earth Science teacher. “I’ve had to rearrange teaching to make sure we can cover everything by the end of the year,” says Pidgeon.

One player who doesn’t seem bothered is freshman Jessica Derrow, Junior Varsity girls’ soccer goalie. Derrow says, “The weather has made things fun; also I’ve been enjoying the snow days.” However, she also states, “It has been very time consuming as far as practices go.”

Coach John Sharples says, “As far as consistency, this weather is making things hard.” He also addresses the state of his players, “The players want to be outside and practice to play the real game, but it is awfully hard indoors.”

This weather should be settling down during the season. In the meantime, the players and athletic staff are all trying to get by. They are also determining how to get in as much practice as possible before game time rolls around.