Four Year Legacy

By Grace Robinson.

For the first time in the history of Woodgrove High School, the class of 2014 will be the first graduating class to attend Woodgrove for all four years of their high school career. When the school opened in 2010, there was no senior class, and the first two graduating classes attended Harmony Intermediate prior to the opening of Woodgrove.

The process of building Woodgrove High School was one that spanned ten years. Its purpose was to alleviate the overcrowding, Loudoun Valley High School. However, it took four years after being approved in 2005 for construction to begin, due to a controversy over the location. By the time construction was complete, the current seniors of Woodgrove were freshman, allowing them to be the first group to attend all four years at the new high school.

After attending Blue Ridge Middle School for two years and Harmony Intermediate School for one, the rising ninth grade students of western Loudoun separated. A portion of the students went to Woodgrove, while their other classmates went to Valley. The split wasn’t very easy for many students. “When the schools split, it was not a good time. I was separated from a lot of my friends,” said senior Quinn McConnell.

Senior Minna Charland also remembers the difficulties the split brought. Charland was friends with a lot of students who went to Valley and at first, had a hard time adjusting at the new school without some of her old friends. She also remembers the intense rivalry between the two schools that still exists now, but on a smaller scale.

This class of seniors has been witnesses to the building of the community of Woodgrove. “We all went through the adjustment of the split, all of the principals, and the fight for open lunch. Also, our school spirit had increased dramatically since the school opened. It’s going to be pretty hard saying goodbye to everybody when we all go our separate ways,” said Charland.

Since the school’s opening, Woodgrove has seen many changes including having three different principal. Senior Andrew Robinson said, “Going through Woodgrove, the school faced a lot of change; it was never the same. I had a different experience every year.”

Being the first has allowed our seniors to contribute greatly to Woodgrove. The seniors have set the stage for younger classes and started new traditions says Robinson. The seniors took responsibility for coordinating the themes for the Wild, the name given to the Woodgrove student section, including the splatter paint games, in which students wore white tee-shirts and threw paint all over each other, Charland said.

“The class of 2014 appears to be a close knit group of students who are independent, able to advocate their specific needs, wants, desires as seniors, and are capable to take on their post- high school careers,” says Mrs. Kelley Hines, senior class sponsor. The class is now preparing for their graduation on June 17th. On June 2nd, there will The Community Award Assembly and on June 9th, the seniors will have an activity day including an award assembly.

Hines said the class is considering the possibility of a time capsule. This will allow the class’s legacy to last for years to come.

The legacy of this graduating class is evident to the students at Woodgrove. McConnell said, “We’ve brought happiness, positivity, and dominance for the Woodgrove community.”