Prom or Sweetlife?

By Charlotte Ward.

Prom or Sweetlife? Woodgrove students faced are with the choice between their prom and a popular local music festival at Merriweather Post Pavilion on May 10th.

This year, Woodgrove High School’s junior and senior prom falls on the same day as a local music festival, Sweetlife. This has created a dilemma for Woodgrove upperclassmen who don’t want to miss out on their prom, but were looking forward to the festival and seeing the performances. Headliners at Sweetlife include Lana Del Rey, Foster the People, Bastille, Chromeo, Fitz and the Tantrums, and 2 Chainz. This year’s prom theme is “Viva Las Vegas,” and the dance will be hosted in the National Conference Center in Landsdowne, Virginia.

Sweetlife, a music and food festival that focuses on environmental consciousness and sustainability will be an all day festival with musical acts and other activities going on throughout the day. Though prom won’t have any live music, there will be a dj and of course, lots of dancing and photo opportunities. Junior Noelle Muldowney plans to attend the festival instead of going to prom. “I can go to prom next year. I’m a junior, I have time. Prom is expensive, and I don’t really feel the need to go,” said Muldowney. Since prom is high school tradition, and multiple music festivals go on throughout the year, some students don’t feel the need to miss their prom just to attend a concert.

Junior Sarah Stiles, who will be attending the festival this May instead of prom, said “I think all organized school functions are lame. I’m going to the festival to experience the good music and atmosphere.” Sweetlife festival, hosted by Sweetgreen, will focus on the importance of recycling, eating healthy, nutritious foods, and sustainability as well as providing music for all to enjoy. When asked which event she believes will draw more students, Stiles said “Prom, because of the commercialized peer pressure that it is the high school experience.”

Senior Sarah Vasile, who will be attending prom, said “It’s my senior year, so I feel obliged [to go]. I love music, but I could easily go to another concert. Prom is a stereotypically irreplaceable experience.” Many students have been looking forward to their high school prom since freshman year, and don’t see the festival as good enough to miss their prom for.

“I think more juniors will go to the festival, but seniors will probably opt for prom. Juniors know they can attend prom next year, but for seniors this is essentially the last big high school event,” said Vasile. “It might feel a bit more intimate because of the potentially lower attendance,” said Vasile on the possibility of less juniors attending.

While Sweetlife is an all-day event, prom will take place mainly in the evening after a day spent getting ready. Senior Chase Piper plans to attend prom this year because this is his last year in high school, and he didn’t go last year. “I’d probably regret not going down the road if I don’t go this year,” said Piper. On the “Viva Las Vegas” theme, Piper said “I don’t really know what to expect, but based on the options it’s the best one we had.”