Wi-Fi at Woodgrove

By Lexi Acton.

The lack of access to Wi-Fi at school has many Woodgrove High School students complaining. Most students believe having Wi-Fi could be used as a helpful resource, but some staff members believe otherwise.

Why is this a problem? Woodgrove’s Wi-Fi requires a password, and only staff members of Woodgrove are given the password. Senior Chase Acton says, “I use Wi-FI to check vision and clarity, especially during FLEX because there is only one computer available in classrooms.” This is an example of what students say is a positive effect to having access to Wi-Fi. Junior Sierra Cochran agrees that easier Wi-Fi access could benefit students.  Multiple students, including at least two students from every grade at Woodgrove, have agreed with this and all of them have said that they would want Wi-Fi accessible to them at Woodgrove.

Many teachers at Woodgrove have different point of views on the subject. Mr. William Bono gave a big “N-O” to giving students the ability to access Wi-Fi at school. Bono says he already sees students distracted by their phones in class everyday, “It’s an epidemic,” he said. Many Woodgrove teachers feel the same as Bono, saying students wouldn’t use Wi-Fi for appropriate reasons. This includes Mrs. Melissa VanGilder affirmed that she believes students are distracted by Wi-Fi in school.

However, freshman Julie Hope disagrees, saying “Kids may get distracted from learning, but with or without Wi-Fi, they would!” She says that Wi-Fi itself would be more helpful than distracting because many more things on your phone that don’t use Wi-Fi distract you than the things that do use Wi-Fi. For example, Hope explains that many students play games on their phones that would distract them from learning, but with Wi-Fi available, students would be able to access Vision, Clarity, and other school appropriate and helpful resources.

Principal Samuel Shipp gives his descriptive point of view on how students’ availability to use Wi-Fi is more of a school district decision. Shipp said that if it was up to him, he thinks that Wi-Fi would be a great tool to have at Woodgrove High School. “Phones are our generations whole world, and having access to Wi-Fi would be a fantastic tool to have. Students could use it in so many beneficial ways,” said Shipp. He also said that when he is having classroom examinations he does not see students looking down at their phones or being distracted while a teacher is teaching. Shipp’s main point was that he thinks Wi-Fi would be more helpful than hurtful to students at Woodgrove High School when used properly.

There are many different thoughts from both sides of the argument, and some students admit to being distracted by their phones at some points, but they also point out that most of the times its for the right purposes such as homework. Acton says. “Like with every privilege, there will be some who abuse it, but as a whole, I think Wi-Fi itself is not distracting.”