It Can Wait: Campaign Against Texting and Driving


Woodgrove student signs the pledge to not text and drive.

#X pledge signing

Woodgrove student signs the pledge to not text and drive.
Woodgrove student signs the pledge to not text and drive.

#X is the newest attempt to stop texting and driving by the It Can Wait campaign sponsored by AT&T. #X is shorthand for texting that will let people know that they are driving and need to pause the conversation.
According to AT&T, “Our goal is to educate all wireless users on the risks of texting while driving. AT&T is committed to putting an end to this dangerous behavior and our message is simple, yet vital: When it comes to texting and driving, It Can Wait.”
A study done by Cohen Children’s Medical Center shows that the leading cause of deaths among teenagers is texting and driving. As the world has become more technologically advanced the deaths of texting and driving have surpassed the deaths of driving while intoxicated.
According to, “Texting while driving is about six times more likely to cause an accident than driving intoxicated.”
Over five million people have taken the pledge online to not text and drive. People have been spreading the word through social media.
Celebrities such as Gabby Douglass and Demi Lovato are endorsing the campaign on twitter. Support of the campaign has also been showed by people using the trending #itcanwait and #X on Instagram pictures.
The buzz has also reached Vine with Vine famous Jake Paul who has made several videos endorsing the It Can Wait campaign.
Demi Lovato is the main spokesperson of the It Can Wait campaign and has not only been used in the It Can Wait promotional videos, but Lovato is also giving fans a chance to win concert tickets to her world tour by entering a contest on the It Can Wait website.
Not only have celebrities made a difference in spreading the word of the It Can Wait campaign, but Woodgrove’s Loudoun Do Something Now club has become involved with the campaign as well. Recently they have made their own signs that student have signed in open lunch on October 17th, pledging to not text and drive.
Sophomore Hilal Yalcin, participant of the Loudoun Do Something Now club, said, “The It Can Wait campaign is not the only project we are doing this year, but it is very important to inform the student body that not texting while driving and simply texting #X to pause a conversation can save a life.”