Varsity Football Takes on Salem


Varsity Football versus Louisa High School. Photo by Ashley Russell

Woodgrove High School’s Varsity Football team continued its playoff journey Friday night in Salem. On a bitter cold night in southern Virginia, Woodgrove put up a heroic fight, but fell short in defeating an undefeated Salem Spartans football team.
Woodgrove started out strong, with a 60 yard touchdown run led by quarterback Billy Sheehan to take the lead 7-0. With about 10 minutes to go until halftime, sophomore running back Chima Kpaduwa pounded a touchdown in from two yards out.
Just like that, Woodgrove took a 13-0 lead over the Spartans. Alex Ramsey put the Spartans on the board with a two yard touchdown run to make the game 7-13. Woodgrove offense continued its rampage, running the ball down the field and capping it off with a two yard touchdown by Quarterback Billy Sheehan. Halftime came and the Wolverines had a commanding 20-7 lead in Salem.
Tides turned drastically as the third quarter began. Woodgrove offense was stopped on their opening drive, and Salem took the ball down the field and scored off of a four yard touchdown run by running back Alex Ramsey.
Woodgrove’s offense slowly began to lose its edge, as they were stopped again, leading to a Salem Field goal, which brought the game within three points. At 20-17 Woodgrove’s lead began to close in. Salem’s home crowd became louder and louder, and momentum began to quickly go Salem’s way.
Woodgrove got the ball back with a chance to silence the crowd. The offense was stopped in three plays, and as quick as they lost possession, they lost the lead. Running back Coleman Fox led Salem down the field, finishing the drive with a four yard touchdown run.
Salem forced an interception and scored soon after that. Salem put up twenty one points in the fourth quarter, and in the course of the second half, Salem put up thirty one unanswered points. Woodgrove finished with a two yard touchdown pass to Senior Dylan Mellor, and a two point conversion to conclude Woodgrove’s fantastic season.
Although a four hour trip ended in a loss, Woodgrove has much to be proud of looking forward. Next season, Woodgrove will look to build off of a program that continues to improve. Although Seniors will move on, many talented young players look to fill their shoes.