Sadie’s Shindig Squashed

Many students often point out the fact that Woodgrove hosts no winter activities, expressing thier desire for more school-sanctioned events. However, recent events have showed that when the SCA tries to plan something, the enthusiasm vanishes.
This year, the freshman and sophomore class councils collaborated to plan Woodgrove’s first ever winter dance for February 14, 2015. Since it was a Sadie Hawkins Dance, the ladies were encouraged to do the asking. With a theme of The Great Gatsby, those planning to attend had the opportunity to dress as dance-goers from the roaring 20’s. The dance was advertised to be “just like homecoming, but in the winter!”
Unfortunately, due to low ticket sales, the SCA had to announce on Wednesday, February 11 that the event would be cancelled.
The school hallways were filled with posters advertising the gala as early as two months before it was scheduled to happen. There were numerous notices regarding the dance over the announcements every school-day morning. The Woodgrove SCA, and individual members of the SCA had even flooded social media with reminders for students to turn in their dance forms and buy tickets. Despite the overabundant amount of promotion, not enough tickets were bought.
Only about 50 tickets were purchased, but a minimum of 200 needed to be sold for the dance to occur. There was plenty of interest based on the number of permission forms turned in. However, when it came to buying tickets, students didn’t show as much enthusiasm.
Unlike Homecoming, there was almost no help from the adults when it came to organizing the event. The planning of the dance was a job the freshman and sophomore classes decided to take on alone.
“They are the ones that put together all of the ideas for the dance,” said Ms. Mrozowski, an advisor to the SCA. “I simply do checks to make sure they are completing the things they have to do in order to make the dance happen.”
The underclassman of the School Council Association were highly disappointed when the cancellation was announced, as they were the ones who had done everything from finding chaperones to organizing ticket sales.
Sophomore Class Vice President Erin Stitt said, “I was kind of mad because we already bought all the decorations and planned everything. Hopefully, next year people will take it more seriously because I think it would be a lot of fun.”
There was talk all thorugh the school hallways and cafeteria expressing students’ disappointment regarding the cancellation. SCA members also vented their frustration on Twitter.
“Everyone last year: OMG we should have a Sadie Hawkins! Everyone this year: I’m not going to the winter dance.” This tweet by Senior SCA member Vanessa Oruma was one of many just like it.
This tweet and many others were posted soon after the dance was officially cancelled, and showed just how dissatisfied some students and SCA members were by the lack of enthusiasm shown for the dance that many in the student body had asked for just last year.
In addition to the frustration it brought to the members of the SCA, the cancellation resulted in great disappointment for those who were planning to attend. Although none of them would go on the record, more than one of the boys at Woodgrove were looking forward to being on the other end of the asking. Other students were just excited to spend a night out dancing with their friends.
“I was a little bummed because a lot effort got put
into it,” said Senior Logan Czarnecki. “But it did free up my Saturday night, so that was good.” With the sudden loss of plans, Czarnecki explained that he and a friend had planned to see a movie instead.
In the weeks following the cancellation, all students who bought tickets were given a chance to and get a refund. Unfortunately, the SCA didn’t get a refund for all the decorations they bought. Since they will not be put to use this year, the SCA is hoping they can incorporate the unused decorations into the theme for next year’s Homecoming.
Even though it won’t be starting this year, the SCA is hoping that the Sadie Hawkins winter dance will eventually become a school tradition with as much participation as homecoming.