Class Council Elections Held

Class Council Elections Held

Woodgrove High School held class council elections during homeroom on Monday, April 27th. These were for the freshman, sophomore and junior classes. The rising freshman at Harmony will be holding their elections at a later date. Election results were released the next day in homeroom.

Freshman winners:

President: Lance Czarnecki

Vice President: Lexi Tromley

Public Relations: Elizabeth Aramayo

Treasurer: Ailish Liston

Secretary: Caitlin Williams

Sophomore Winners:

President: Rozlan Basha

Vice President: Caleb Blank

Public Relations: Shea Geremia

Treasurer: Grace Robinson

Secretary:  Erin Stitt

Junior winners:

President: Wesley Hoffer

Vice President: Mary-Anna Adams

Public Relations: Virginia Olchavski

Treasurer: Adam Hudler

Secretary: Alivia McAtee

Rozlan Basha current sophomore class President re-elected this year to be the Junior class President next year said, “Some of my plans for next year include working with the SCA and other clubs throughout the school. I really want to involve a charity this year if possible. As much as I love giving back to my class I know we all would love giving back to the community.”

With Junior class also planning prom next year Basha and his Cohorts will be in charge of arguably one of the biggest events of the High School year.

Basha said, “Prom is one of our biggest responsibilities as the Junior Class council next year.”

Many students confuse the Student Council Association (SCA) and the Class councils. They are separate entities that work closely with each other. The SCA members apply and are approved as senators; there is no voting on senators by the student body as a whole. The Class Councils however are elected by the student body as a whole with voting taking place during homeroom once a year with each position being up for re-election. They do work together closely to organize many school events.

Jeff Schutte, Woodgrove teacher and SCA advisor said, “We work together, it’s not like anyone is fighting over things.”