Orchestra Receives Superior Ratings at District Assessments

Orchestra Receives Superior Ratings at District Assessments

Woodgrove High School’s Orchestra received superior ratings at the District Assessments held at Loudoun Valley High School, outscoring multiple other high school orchestras from around the state.

Woodgrove’s orchestra program annually competes in the conference and consistently receives high rankings.

“In preparation for conference, there were a lot of practices. Since there are so many individual parts involved, the practices held during flex were crucial,” said junior Aaron Coleman, Orchestra President.

Individuals in the Orchestra, Jordan Bartel and Amelia Bailey, will compete in All States a 3-day competition at CNU, in May. These students began with a 2-day competition at Senior Regionals, in November, to qualify for auditions. Then auditions were held at JMU in February, leading up to the All States competition in May.

Sophomore Bailey comments “I started playing the violin when I was three, and ever since then it’s been consistent hard work. Qualifying for States, something that is important to me, helps me feel accomplished.”