Shipp and Thomas Honored at VSCA Convention

Shipp and Thomas Honored at VSCA Convention

Woodgrove captured the limelight at the Virginia Student Council Association convention, where junior Ryan Thomas was named president of the VSCA for the 2015-2016 school year, Principal Sam Shipp was named Virginia Administrator of the Year, and Woodgrove received the Achievement Award for the fifth year in a row.

The 89th Virginia Student Council Association Convention was held in Williamsburg in March.
Ryan Thomas, new president of the Virginia Student Council Association, will preside over the VSCA Advisory Committee meetings throughout the year, and the 2016 state convention next spring. Thomas was previously the VSCA Region 4 Representative.

“I am super excited about serving the state and the student councils of the state,” Thomas said, following his achievement. Reflecting on his past years of SCA work, he said, “Student council has made me a better person in my decision making and leadership. It has inspired me to make a bigger difference in my school, community, and state.”

For his future as president, Ryan has plans to further improve the SCA both here at Woodgrove and at the state level by having “a more inclusive student body through more student activities,” Thomas said.

Thomas will lead the Virginia delegation at the National Association of Student Councils convention in Albuquerque in June, which is made up of Woodgrove and various other students and schools.

Principal Shipp was also honored at the convention, and was named VSCA Administrator of the Year for the 2014-2015 year. He was nominated by the staff and faculty of Woodgrove High School, and his nomination included a packet filled with support from the Harper Park Middle School staff where he previously served as principal, as well as support from the Woodgrove PTSO.

His honor will be recognized in Richmond this summer at the annual Virginia Association of Secondary School Principals, which governs the VSCA.

“I am honored,” Principal Shipp said about his achievement, “and it is very nice that our SCA nominated me for this.”

Mr. Shipp added that the awards are “a very good thing for Woodgrove; the school is heading in a great direction and this is one indicator that we are doing excellent things here.”

Shipp also applauds the hard work and dedication of Woodgrove’s SCA advisors, Mr. Jeff Schutte and Ms. Melanie Neubaum, who he says are responsible for the success of the SCA.

“We have a very strong SCA that has only gotten stronger each year,” said Shipp.

Woodgrove High School also won the overall Achievement Award at the convention, which Mr. Schutte attributes to our Administrative VP, senior Harmanjit Tiwana, and her committee. They compiled a submission for the award based on the hard work the student council has done this year in various areas, including their charities and events.

Woodgrove participated in two charity events for the 2014-2015 school year, which were sponsored by the VSCA. The statewide event entailed making fleece blankets and donating them as a part of Project Linus, a non-profit organization that helps children in need. There was also a regional charity event, assembling and donating toy-filled gift bags to local food shelters so that families in poverty can give their child a birthday present, in partnership with Cheerful Givers organization. Woodgrove’s region, Region 4, collected and donated nearly 80 birthday bags.

At the spring convention students got to hear from nationally known motivational speakers and learned ideas about fundraisers, service projects, government procedure, and ways to enhance school spirit.
Students also had the chance to debate and amend resolutions that will be voted on by student leaders at convention and then forwarded to the educational leaders of the Commonwealth.

The goals of the VSCA are to “instill American ideals among the youth of today, foster student leadership in a democratic environment, assist all student councils in becoming more effective organizations within their school, community, state, and nation and help student councils focus on relevant current problems that affect them and encourage them to seek solutions to these problems.”

As for the future and goals of the Woodgrove SCA, Schutte said they’re moving, “onward and upward,” and that they plan to have a, “bigger homecoming, a successful Winter Dance, and more involvement the local community.”