Faculty Struts Their Stuff in Talent Show

Faculty Struts Their Stuff in Talent Show

Woodgrove’s auditorium came alive with dancing, music, and applause, thanks to the PBIS sponsored Faculty Talent Show on April 23. Students paid $1 to attend the show during flex, with proceeds benefitting Woodgrove’s PBIS program. Upon entering the auditorium, students were offered beaded necklaces and greeted with music from the jazz band to get into the spirit of the show.

The first act was Social Studies teacher Tim Greening, who sang and played guitar to Ed Sheeran’s “I’m a Mess.” Students were so impressed that they took out their phones and waved them in the air to the beat. Greening has been performing since a young age, joining the school choir and performing in bands with friends beginning in college.  Leading up to the show, he practiced in the music studio he installed in his house, but nothing could prepare him for the overwhelming student response to his performance.

“Seeing all the lights was so cool. It reminded me that I wasn’t alone on stage, because usually when you look out all you see is darkness,” said Greening.

Mr Greening also emceed the event. “Some of it was off the cuff, but some was prepared ahead of time,” said Greening.

The second act was English teacher Maria Mrozowski, who performed a dance to the song “Masterpiece” by Jessie J. Ms. Mrozowski has been dancing since age five, experiencing everything from tap and jazz to ballet and hip hop. To prepare for her performance, Ms. Mrozowski became very familiar with her song, listening to it over and over while counting out the beats in order to count out the steps to choreograph. In addition to her own choreography, she collaborated with a fellow dancer friend for pointers. Before stepping on stage, Ms. Mrozoski said, “I was a little nervous before I performed, but for me, that’s a part of the excitement of being on stage.” Of her energy onstage, Ms. Mrozoski said, “It’s like I get a rush of adrenaline right before going on stage, and I can’t wait to throw myself into the routine.”

Mr. Matt Harmon, a Teacher Assistant, sang “You Raise Me Up” by Secret Garden, accapella style.The performance was very moving, and students cheered as he hit the highest notes and waved their phones in the sky once again. Mr. Harmon’s performance was just one of the positive effects of the show, as students were able to get to know their teacher in a different atmosphere.

Mr. Zachary Jones, who is currently substiting for the choir director, Mrs. Morgan, was also able to get involved. His talent was singing and playing piano. He performed a medley of Disney songs, including “Go the Distance” from Hercules, and the inspiring song, “Blessings.”

The next time the curtains came up, several Guidance Department members were on stage. Mr. Jodan Vangilder and Mrs. Teresa Holland were sprawled out on couches. Katy Perry’s “Waking up in Vegas” started playing, and Holland began lip synching, as Vangilder, Mrs. Stephanie Butler and Mrs Justine Jarvis started dancing.  The group said they practiced for about a week leading up to the show, and it was Mrs. Holland who came up with the idea. Costumes were provided by the ‘Share and Shop’ and the Woodgrove Theater Department.

Mr. David Noland, well known for directing Woodgrove’s theater company plays, took to the stage himself with a performance of a song from the recently released film, “Into the Woods.” He planned to perform Beyonce’s “Umbrella” with a student guitar accompaniment, but when plans fell through, Mr. Noland could not be stopped. He gave an impressive performance after practicing his new act the entire night before.

Next, Biology teacher Sarah Miller and Department chair Carolina Wells stepped on stage with a screen behind them, and began dancing and lip syncing to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off.” The screen provided the lyrics, and students began to sing along while watching the two teachers show off their moves. The duo’s energetic routine added some great entertainment for the crowd.

Ms. Kielty, Mrs. Gresh, Ms. Martinez and Mr. Jones came together as the “Foggy Bottom Friends” to perform a parody of the song “I’ll Fly Away.” The song, sung by Mrs. Gresh and Mr. Jones, covered the hot topics of Facetime and Open Lunch, with Ms. Kielty and Ms. Martinez doing actions and dancing on the side.

Overall, the faculty talent show proved to be a success as proven by the packed auditorium and loud cheers. The Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports committee (PBIS) hopes to establish this as a Woodgrove tradition, where students can learn more about their teachers in a relaxed environment.