Woodgrove’s Odyssey of the Mind Team Compete at Worlds in Michigan

Woodgrove’s Odyssey of the Mind Team Compete at Worlds in Michigan

Written by Hailey Dunster

Woodgrove’s Odyssey of the Mind team qualified for the Worlds Finals at Michigan State University from May 20th-May 23rd and ended up placing 24th in the world with a score of 247.21. Sophomores Harrison Furlow, Elyse Morris, Patrick Ramsey, Ben Taylor, Joe Warndorf, Molly Warndorf, and David Zhang led this team to excellence against teams from Singapore, China, Poland, and Germany.

The competitors at the Finals were assigned the problem “Experiencing Technical Difficulties” which required the team to build a device that could complete tasks. The device had to be powered with rubber bands, as a creative twist. Another challenge was the requirements; props, backdrops, and machines had to fit in two boxes that were only 62 linear dimensions.

The Woodgrove team took a mythological approach that included performances like singing.  Molly Warndorf explained their idea by saying, “Dionysus is putting on a play for the gods and all of his actors and actresses have fatal flaws that must be solved.”

Not only was the team faced with the long-term problem of “Experiencing Technical Difficulties” but were also given a Spontaneous Problem which they found out once they entered the venue of the competition. “It can be anything from building a bridge across a room to listing puns” said Warndorf.

Odyssey of the Mind teaches skills such as acting, teamwork, time management, building, camaraderie, sportsmanship, and creative problem solving. The program is fun and Warndorf says, “[My favorite thing about Odyssey is] meeting new teams.”