Good Tips to Help With College Applications

Written by Michael Preston, Technology Manager, Woodgrove Outlander

Going to college is something most high school students either obsess over or avoid the thought of, but before all the planning, dorm decorating, and goodbye hugs to friends and family comes a crucial process: applying to a college. By following this comprehensive list of dos and don’ts, your college application process will become much easier.

DO take your time: Slow and steady wins the race. When creating an application, start way ahead of the deadline to allow yourself some leeway to make the process less stressful.

DON’T assume you can’t afford to go to a school: Many schools, even the most costly ones, have flexible financial aid programs they offer to students. Do a decent amount of research before you make assumptions.

DO give others time: When asking teachers for recommendations, give them ample time to write the paper. Nothing is worse than dropping a recommendation request on a teacher one week before the application is due.

DON’T assume you’re finished until you have carefully reviewed the application: Review and revise. You’re only human. There are bound to be some mistakes in the paper and nothing makes a worse first impression on a college application than misspellings and grammatical mistakes.

DO get organized: Take your time beforehand to plan and assemble everything you’ll need to write the essay. Make an outline of what you’re going to writing about to help organize your thoughts.

DON’T put your entire life down on paper: When writing about your achievements, only mention ones that really matter. Listing that you were inducted into The National Honor Society during your junior year is more important including the time you won the state hotdog eating contest.

DO have a professional digital footprint: You know those weird photos you posted on Instagram?  Take them down. Colleges WILL find ALL your social media profiles and review them. Take the time to review your profiles and make them as squeaky clean as possible. Also, set up an email address to include on all of your applications if you don’t already have one.