Debate Team Competes in First Tournament

Written by Diana Tinta, Online Editor in Chief, Woodgrove Outlander

The Woodgrove Debate Team traveled to Dominion High School for their first tournament on October 10th.  Despite having a number of new team members, the team posted many positive scores.

Senior Captain of the Lincoln Douglas Team, Minh-Tam Tran Le, said, “I feel the debaters did amazing for their first tournament! Everyone had a great time, and most importantly, learned a lot.”

New debater, Freshman Katie Cox, won second place in policy and also won a speaker’s award for Lincoln Douglas Debate. Junior Marleah Puckett, also debating for the first time in Lincoln Douglas, placed sixth. Sophomores Abby Lenhart and Katherine Zwicker, who usually debate in Lincoln Douglas, debated in Policy for their first time and won 2nd place in the JV Novice division.

Lenhart said, “My partner and I didn’t think we had placed so when we found out we got second we were shocked and happy.”

Senior Policy Captains, Will Greer and Josh Kim went 2-2 in varsity. Greer wishes he had done better, but was glad that the novices did well.

“I’m glad that our novices did well and that’s all I really care about, making our team better and stronger,” said Greer.

Tran Le believes that their first tournament was a good way to pinpoint their weaknesses to work on for future tournaments.

Tran Le said, “The first tournament definitely encouraged them, but definitely made them more aware of their weaknesses and how to get better.”

Debate requires a lot of preparation. The team prepares twice a week but also works out of school in order to perform well. In order to improve they do a lot of practice debates to find and help where they may be weak. It requires determination and Tran Le believes that the new debaters are a perfect example of this.

Tran Le said, “I feel an overwhelming sense of pride towards the new team members. I’m very impressed with their drive, curiosity, ability to think outside of the box, and performance in debate rounds.”