Chick-fil-A Opens in Purcellville


Regardless of the cold weather, community members showed up to Chick-fil-A’s grand opening on November 12. The first 100 community members who camped out at Chick-Fil-A overnight were offered  free ‘Number One’ meals each week for a year.

Originally, Seniors Alivia McAtee, Ali McBride, Mary Anna Adams, and Emma Renner decided not to go to the grand opening because of the bad weather, but once they heard that there weren’t 100 people in line yet, they changed their minds. They roughed it in the cold weather, sleeping in the parking lot overnight, bundled up in blankets and jackets to keep warm in order to receive their prize.

Senior Ali McBride said, “I had a lot of layers. I knew it would be cold that night so I over packed, and sometimes we would go huddle in the bathroom.”

Once their tents were set up, participants could not leave the premises, but throughout the night,  the Chick- Fil-A staff provided the participants with  food and hot chocolate to keep warm.

“When they fed us dinner, that was their way of checking if people stayed or not, and then they served us dessert and that was another check in,” said Senior Mary Anna Adams.

CEO of Chick-fil-A, Dan Cathy, goes to every single Chick-fil-A opening in the nation, and he also spent the night at the grand opening of Purcellville’s newest restaurant. He was there during the meals, spoke with participants, and entertained the crowd with his trumpet playing.

Senior Emma Renner said, “The CEO of all of Chick-fil-A came. He played his trumpet and told us all about Chick Fil A. I thought that was pretty cool.”

The Woodgrove students are happy they participated in the event because it was a unique experience they shared together.

“I got to hang out with friends and have a really different scene. No one else will be able to say, ‘Hey, I walked through the drive-through the night before the grand opening.’ In 50 years when it’s all run down, that will be pretty cool,” said Adams.