MLB Season Recap


Written by Ryan Forbes , The Woodgrove Outlander

Wild Card Games: 2,430 games, 182 days, six months, and the time has finally come where players become legends, where champions fall, where underdogs rise, and where it becomes win or go home. This is the Playoffs. In the Wild Card games, the Houston Astros beat the Yankees 3-0. Starting Pitcher Dallas Keuchel got off to a hot start only allowing three hits through six innings. Outfielders Colby Rasmus and Carlos Gomez homered to give Houston a jump start. With this win, the Yankees are knocked out of the playoffs. Fair warning to the rest of the teams last time Houston was in the Division Series they went to the World Series in 2005. Jake Arrieta took the Cubs to another win just as he has done all season giving up no runs and getting the win over the Pirates. It was not all fun and games for Jake Arrieta though after hitting two Pirates during the game. The next time he came up to bat, pitcher Tony Watson took a shot at him, which cleared the benches and First Baseman Sean Rodriguez was ejected from the game for trying to punch Arrieta. Despite this, the Cubs won 4-0 and Jake Arrieta went nine innings knocking the Pirates out of the playoffs.

Divisional Games: In the Divisional Series, the Cubs took on the Cardinals, who had the best record in baseball. Although losing the first game to the Cardinals 4-0, the Cubs fought back, winning three games in a row to upset the Cardinals 3-1. In Game three the Cubs set a new MLB record when six different people hit homeruns in the Cubs win. The battle of the mounds, Mets against the Dodgers. There is no doubt the strongest part of these teams are their starting pitchers but that did not stay true in this series where 40 runs were scored including a high scoring Game three where 20 runs were scored. Although the Dodgers had the better record, and arguably the best two pitchers in the MLB in Grienke and Kershaw, the Mets came out on top where Daniel Murphy hit three homeruns including the winning one in Game five.

Now to the American League where Texas and Toronto had a showdown Toronto overcame a 2-0 deficit to come back and win in a crazy Game five. In Game five Texas started off hot going up 2-1 but it was anything but over after scoring a weird run in the top of the seventh they were up 3-1, but the Blue Jays weren’t out yet Elvis Andrus choked, making two errors that set up the long time Blue Jay outfielder Jose Bautista. With two outs, he sent the ball into the Blue Jay Hall of Fame. They finish off the game winning 6-3. The last Divisional game was between the Royals and the Astros. The Royals had the best record in the American League, and the Astros had Colby Rasmus the veteran outfielder hit for .545 average and three homeruns over the series. However, it was not enough to knock out the reigning American League champions and they beat the Astros 3-2.

League Championship Series: Try telling anybody including Daniel Murphy that he would have one of the best postseasons in MLB history. They would laugh and probably say that the Cubs had a better shot at winning the World Series, but here he is hitting homerun after homerun breaking records. He led the Mets to their first National League Pennant since 2000, when they lost to the Yankees in the battle of New York. The Mets swept the Cubs 4-0. Second-Baseman Daniel Murphy hit a homerun in every game, which is a new MLB postseason record. In the American League, the Royals tried to repeat what they did last year. The Blue Jays are making their first ALCS appearance since 1993 where they won the World Series over the Philadelphia Phillies. They came up short to make it to their third World Series by losing to the Royals 4-2. Alcides Escobar won MVP of the Series after finishing with a .478 average and 5 RBIs.

World Series: After a long and entertaining playoffs, the road to the World Series is finally complete. Two teams remain, the New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals. The Mets team is built on pitching and low scoring games. The Royals team is built on a high scoring offense and long games. In game one of the series the teams battled it out the Mets had the lead 4-3 in the ninth inning, but Alex Gordon decided that the game was not just over yet. With one out Alex Gordon sent a shot that will be installed in Royals fans’ minds forever. He tied up the game, and the Royals won it in the bottom of the 14th after a sacrifice fly. Kansas City won game two and four and the Mets won game three. In game five the Mets were leading in the ninth, but with a runner on third, the Royals catcher Salvador Perez hit a ground ball to third. David Wright threw the ball to first but Eric Hosmer risked it all by running home as David Wright threw the ball. Lucas Duda, however, overthrew their catcher, and Hosmer scored the Royals won the game in the 12th inning 7-2. Salvador Perez won MVP and the Royals became Champions for the first time since 1983.

That is it for the MLB. Hopefully we will see something as good next year, but if you are wondering what sport to watch now, I heard the Patriots are undefeated and Steph Curry is lighting up the NBA.