‘SnapchatHatesUs’ Team Wins Woodgrove’s Annual Dodgeball Tournament


The SCA hosted their annual dodgeball tournament on March 5 where teams again fought for the championship title. All proceeds went to the SCA’s annual charity, the Joe Cassella Foudation. SnapchatHatesUs and the Dodgefathers went face to face twice where in the final match SnapchatHatesUs winning the tournament.

Junior ‘SnapchatHatesUs’ member Wyatt Black was surprised that their team did so well.

“It was really unexpected; I went in thinking we would only win one or two then get knocked out. I did not think we would win it all,” said Black.

However, ‘SnapchatHatesUs’ went undefeated until the first part of the final round. Although, a close final match, the team still ended up being victorious.

“We lost that first round, so I thought we were done. To be honest it was all luck,” said Black.

The ‘Dodgefathers’ suffered a tough loss becoming the dodgeball tournament’s runner up for the third year in a row.

“We came in second place three times in a row, so it was disappointing. Last year and the year before that we went against a really good team that beat us every year, this year we should have won,” said Senior ‘Dodgefather’ member, Connor James.

Senior ‘Dodgefather’ member Zach Lockhart blames the referee calls and the opposing team’s misconduct for their final loss.

“There are some faults that the opposing team admits to throughout the game, so there could have been a different outcome,” said Lockhart.

Spectators, like Senior Emma Thatcher, enjoyed watching their classmates compete in the tournament with their friends and knowing that they were donating to a good cause [Joe Cassella Foundation].

“It was nice knowing it was for a good cause and it is also really fun seeing your classmates out there getting hit by balls,” said Thatcher.