Bergel Wins Third Annual Mr. Woodgrove Competition


Kicking off the last day before spring break with a little fun, Woodgrove’s Friends in Need club put on the third annual Mr. Woodgrove competition on Friday, March 18.

After a quick musical introduction by Seniors Aidan Bruecken and Teddy Chipouras, the show began. Co-presidents of the Friends in Need club, Seniors Diana Tinta and Caitleen Copeland, entered the stage to introduce the charity of the day: the Stillbrave Foundation, a group dedicated to helping families whose children are diagnosed with childhood cancer with non-medical expenses. With a one dollar admission per student, the club was able raise over $400 for the foundation.

Soon after, Seniors Michael Dragon and Cameron Gillies, the hosts of the morning, appeared on the stage. With witty commentary and numerous jokes, the two seniors explained the rules of the competition. Each contestant would have an equal amount of time to try to showcase themselves as the superior man. A panel of three teachers would score each contestant in three categories: catwalk, questionnaire, and talent; the competitor with the highest score would be crowned Mr. Woodgrove.

Not even five minutes into the show, Sophomore Larissa Ramsey shocked the crowd during her catwalk as the first ever female contestant in a Mr. Woodgrove competition.

Gillies asked Ramsey why she desired to win the title, to which she replied, “I just thought it would be entertaining to see the reactions.”

Entering immediately after Ramsey, Sophomore Lance Czarnecki brought another surprise for the audience. Czarnecki captured the attention of the crowd in both the catwalk and questionnaire sections with his gymnastic abilities. While the other candidates strutted the catwalk on foot, Czarnecki entered on his hands, with the crowd applauding like crazy. During the questionnaire, instead of asking an insightful question, Dragon told the sophomore to do a backflip, to which he happily obliged, awarding him even louder roars of approval from the audience.

While sophomores dominated the first two segments, it was in the talent portion of the competition that the upperclassmen began to shine. Junior Jon Heinze showcased his knack for dancing in a three minute routine that was sure to be hard to follow. However, Senior Aidan Bergel did so quite successfully in his impressive piano performance of “Clocks,” “The Scientist,” and “Fix You,” all by Coldplay.

Seniors James Vasile and Vincent Lafalgio turned to comedy for their talent performances. Vasile prepared a stand-up comedy set, discussing the habits of high school students and criticizing candidates of the current political race. A little less structured, Lafalgio’s talent was his laugh, which he mentioned could possibly resemble the noises of various animals. As the final act of the show, Senior Zach Haun called Principal Shipp up to the stage and proceeded to draw a portrait of him.

The judges didn’t take long to make the final decision. Immediately following Haun’s act, the results were in. Hosts Dragon and Gillies called all contestant back onto the stage to announce the winner: Senior Aidan Bergel. Crowned with a princess tiara, Bergel expressed his gratitude to both his supporters and his “haters” for giving him the push he needed to come out on top.

Bergel was unsure going into the competition. He was extremely nervous due to the fact that he had just planned his act that morning before school, but with the adrenaline of being on stage, he performed better than ever. Following his win, Bergel was ecstatic.

“I feel great,” Bergel said. “Being Mr. Woodgrove is nice. I just appreciate everything Woodgrove has done for me in the past four years.”



Freshman Michael McKim

Sophomore Larissa Ramsey

Sophomore Lance Czarnecki

Junior Rozlan Basha

Junior Jon Heinze

Senior Aidan Bergel

Senior James Vasile

Senior Vincent Lafalgio

Senior Zach Haun