“Grove to Go” Cart Introduced


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it is also the most skipped by students. That is the reason that Woodgrove Cafeteria Manager Genelda Bartling started “Grove-to-Go,” a breakfast cart outside of the main office that she hopes will increase sales and encourage more students to eat breakfast.

“It makes it easier to get breakfast in the morning, and it’s good motivation for kids to eat breakfast,” said senior Josh Zullo.

Bartling’s inspiration was her previous job at Mercer Middle School where she served breakfast to the students there with a cart donated by Kellogg’s.

“Grove-to-Go” is used to encourage students to purchase nutritious food from the cafeteria rather than going through a fast food drive-thru on the way to school in the morning.

“It’s really convenient, and it’s a good idea,” said freshman Maddy Koester.

The cart is available to provide easy access to the students who wouldn’t normally go to the cafeteria to buy breakfast, though breakfast is still available in the cafeteria every morning. She has noticed a slight increase in the number of students eating breakfast since she opened the cart, which is the goal.

“Hungry kids can’t learn,” said Bartling.

While the cart only sells cold items such as drinks and fruit, Bartling hopes to bring hot items to the cart as well.

In addition to the cart, the cafeteria is also experiencing an increase in sales because of a recent contest by the School Nutrition Service Department. When students go to buy their lunch, they will also take with them a sample of the new items and they will decide which ones should be added to the menu for the next year. A number of new vendors with a variety of future menu items will be rewarded to the school that sells the most breakfast items in two weeks.