Former Secretary of State Speaks at Woodgrove High School


A national spotlight shined on Woodgrove High School on the morning of Friday, April 8, 2016 as former Secretary of State Dr. Madeleine Albright paid a visit for a school-wide assembly.

As a resident of Hillsboro, Virginia, Albright has made many guest appearances in Loudoun County. In 2000, she first spoke to a class of first graders at Hillsboro Elementary School. These children so greatly touched her heart that she even remained in contact with a few of them. Through communication with several parents, Albright was invited to return 12 years later to speak to those same kids at their graduation in 2012.

Now, in 2016, those same parents coordinated another visit to Woodgrove for Albright. This time, she was invited to address the entire student body and tell the story of her cultural background and how she got to where she is today.

Albright was introduced by Hungarian delegate Fanni Nyull, an exchange student at Woodgrove High School. Nyull, as part of the Global Ambassadors Program, was invited to take part in a student exchange program with an American School. For ten days in April, Nyull and several of her classmates from Hungary, as well as a group of students from China stayed with Woodgrove host families and shadowed students in various grades to get a feel for the styles of American education.

Following Nyull’s introduction, Albright began her story. Along with the entire Woodgrove student body, hundreds of outside guests came to hear Albright speak. Delegates representing seven Loudoun County Schools and 20 nations filled the gymnasium, eager to hear what she had to say.

Albright emphasized the importance of global communication and its presence in both public and private schools.

“I have long believed in the necessity of incorporating a global perspective in education,” Albright explained.

The conclusion of Albright’s speech brought on a roaring standing ovation from the entire audience. The students of Woodgrove were extremely grateful for the opportunity to have gained the insight of such an important and insightful woman.

Junior Rozlan Basha, co-president of the Global Ambassadors Club at Woodgrove expressed great awe following the assembly.

“I think to hear Madeleine Albright speak was an amazing experience for everyone in that room. The tenacity of the message she sent through the crowd was riveting to say the least. To have someone that accomplished speaking at Woodgrove High School was amazing in itself.”