Dual Enrollment at Woodgrove


Many Woodgrove students are taking dual enrollment courses through Northern Virginia Community College to receive both high school and college credits. Getting early credit can help college students graduate faster, and as a result, pay less for their higher education. With college tuition rising 13% in the last five years alone, not having to take certain courses in college can really help students save money.

Dual enrollment classes have become more popular in recent years for many reasons. Some benefits include receiving high school and college credits at the same time, getting to see what college courses are like, and accumulating credits in high school can help students graduate from college sooner.

Studies show that students who acquire college credits in high school are more likely to graduate and continue their education, according to Northern Virginia Community College. By taking classes through NOVA, students receive access to their library, tutoring center, and other amenities the school has to offer.

Junior Cameron Terrell is currently taking Woodgrove’s US History dual enrollment course, taught by Mr. Thompson. Terrell said she decided to take the class because of the college credits offered, and has liked the environment so much that she’s taking three more dual enrollment courses next year.

“I was really happy with the dual enrollment class I took this year. I’ve learned to be more independent with getting my work done. It’s just like a college course with the professor giving lectures.”

Terrell said that she had only dealt with one negative part of taking a dual enrollment course.

“The only downside I would say is having the responsibility to stay on top of everything and making sure you’re balancing the workload with the other courses without having someone to constantly remind you.”

Dual enrollment English teacher Andrea Elbaum also mentioned that if you want to take a college course, you have to be able to keep up with the fast pace and intense coursework.

“As far as a learning approach, the expectations are higher. We want DE students to understand that when you enroll in a college course, there are requirements, and if you don’t meet those requirements, there are consequences. We are strict about policy, and when students do not meet requirements, they are dropped from the course.”

Dual enrollment US History student, junior Sarah Snare, agrees that the pace is much faster than a regular high school class, but helps students prepare for college.

“I feel that this class definitely mimics the college experience in a way that will prepare me for the future. It is fast paced and covers a lot of material, but is totally doable as long as you’re responsible and organized.”

The general consensus among students and teachers alike is that as long as pupils are willing to put in the work, dual enrollment is worth it for the credits and the preparation for college that it gives them.

Junior Jake Stevens agrees, saying, “The lecture style classes have helped to prepare me for college.”