Woodgrove’s We’re All Human Committee Finish 3rd in Step Up Loudoun Competition

Woodgrove’s We’re All Human Committee Finish 3rd in Step Up Loudoun Competition

Written by Jack Klimek, The Woodgrove Outlander

Woodgrove High School juniors Puneet Kaur, Caleb Blank, and seniors Minh-Tam Tran Le, and Diana Tinta recently competed in the Step Up Loudoun youth competition on behalf of the We’re All Human committee. The committee finished third out of ten teams and won $500.

Starting with a total of 59 teams, the ‘We’re All Human Committee’ came out in the top ten in no particular order in the first competition, giving them a spot in the finals where the top ten teams competed for the $1,000 prize. The second place team won $750 and the third place team won $500. The rest of the teams won $250 each.

Junior Puneet Kaur says the competition is like a science fair. “There were three rounds of judges, and we only had five minutes to speak,” said Kaur, “we told them about the We’re All Human Committee, how it started, the walk, documentary, FaceTime, and future plans.”

The majority of the presentation was spent talking about the walk and documentary. The goal of the walk was to bring Woodgrove students together and help them become aware about teen suicide. The documentary, created by junior Sidney Ramirez and senior Kirsten Hein, focused around students who talked about their personal stories dealing with depression and suicide. Both Ramirez and Hein shared their personal stories in the documentary.

Step Up Loudoun is a youth competition that “encourages middle and high school youth across the county to identify an issue in their school, neighborhood or community, create a plan to address that issue, and implement the plan.”

For more information on the Step Up Loudoun Organization and competition visit www.loudounyouth.org