Impact of FaceTime at Woodgrove


Woodgrove High School students are split in their opinions of FaceTime for the 2016 school year. Some claim the program takes away precious class time, while others say it’s a great way for students to express their opinions. Either way, the mention of FaceTime usually gets a reaction.

It’s Wednesday- Mr. Shipp comes on the announcements and reads the events for the day, but one announcement of one event in particular gets people talking- FaceTime. While some sigh and complain, others smile. Facetime, the student advisory program at Woodgrove, has only been around for two years. Many people at the school disagree about Facetime’s importance to the school. Some believe it’s a great addition to the schedule, while others think quite the opposite.

Facetime was originally formed to give students an environment in which they feel comfortable enough to talk about their personal lives, but some students still feel awkward in their assigned groups. In a recent poll of 100 students, 52% said that they do like Facetime, while the other 48% did not.

Most Facetime activities this year have included topics on cyber safety and awareness programs about bullying and teen suicide. In a recent FaceTime meeting, students made bracelets and posters to spread awareness for teen suicide. In April, students participated in a walk-a-thon and an assembly dealing with the topic of teen suicide prevention.

Some students feel the time spent in Facetime is valuable. “I think Facetime gives people an opportunity to voice their opinions and tell other people what’s going on in their lives and how they deal with different situations,” says freshman FaceTime supporter Kassidy Mills.

“I ‘low- key’ enjoy it,” stated freshman Everly Soyka. “Mostly because my class is cool, and we have good discussions. However, I think some topics are really important to go over, but the designated activities for those topics are ineffective.”

Some students, on the other hand, aren’t as happy with FaceTime. “I really dislike FaceTime,” said freshman Olivia Haller. “My group doesn’t talk, my teacher takes everything too seriously, the lessons we learn are either extremely depressing or extremely weird, but in finality I wish we didn’t even have FaceTime.”

Many students at Woodgrove have mixed feelings about FaceTime. “FaceTime is a great idea, however, it’s not effective enough,” says freshman Sophie Hudak. “The teachers put an effort on opening up rather than helping us to get comfortable with our peers and helping others.”

Others at the school are beginning to enjoy FaceTime. “It’s growing on me,” said Woodgrove P.E teacher Mrs. Vangilder, “I think the idea is good. My FaceTime is starting to open up and talk more. As long the group communicates, it’s a good use of time.”

Although many people disagree about FaceTime, the program is still expected to continue into the 2016-2017 school year.