Dual Enrollment Courses at Woodgrove High School


Written by Hope Davison

Woodgrove High School juniors and seniors continue to enroll in Dual Enrollment through Northern Virginia Community College in record numbers. Dual Enrollment allows students to take college level courses while still in high school, and by taking these classes, students may be eligible to accrue enough credits to graduate college early.

Students earn college credits at a fraction of the tuition cost of standard college classes. Dual Enrollment courses also offer a different and more challenging approach for students.

According to Dual Enrollment teacher Andrea Elbaum, “The first year we offered Dual Enrollment English we had four sections. Now we have six sections.” This shows the expansion of the program.

Dual Enrollment is a great alternative option for students looking for an Advanced Placement style course but with the extra benefit of earning credits for college. This is also a course parents are urging their children to take because it is a major money saver for college tuition costs.

Harrison Furlow, a junior at Woodgrove High School, who is currently taking Dual Enrollment United States History said, “I intend to embrace a different course style so that I can be fully immersed in the material while gaining college credit, I think I have not only prepared for college, but also been granted a wakeup call to curb procrastination.”

Northern Virginia Community College offers Dual Enrollment classes on campus and online through NOVA’s Extended Learning Institute. The Dual Enrollment courses currently offered at Woodgrove are Mathematics, Science, English, History, Social Science, Career and Technical Education, Fine Arts and Foreign Language.

When taking Dual Enrollment courses, students should expect a fast-paced learning environment, greater responsibility for turning in their work on time, and much higher expectations than their average high school class.

These courses give students a glimpse of the college experience and also can help guide students to figure out what they want to study in college. Students must earn a C or above to qualify for their next Dual Enrollment course and also be eligible for college credits.

Dual Enrollment English teacher Thomas Clawson said, “I am so glad that Loudoun County public schools can offer this wonderful opportunity to our students. It is my hope that Woodgrove will one day be able to offer students the opportunity of receiving their college associates degree by the time the graduate from Woodgrove High School.”

Woodgrove will continue to offer Dual Enrollment courses and the administration has plans to expand the number of Dual Enrollment classes available for students.