The Marching Wolverines to Perform at Disney World


Rebecca Faletti

The Marching Wolverines perform at the game against cross-town rival, Loudoun Valley High School.

Written by Rebecca Faletti and Caroline Potts

It’s off to the happiest place on Earth. January 26 to 29, the Marching Wolverines will be heading off to Orlando, Florida to participate in Walt Disney World’s ‘Festival of Fantasy’ parade to continue a season that has given them much success.

The Marching Wolverines’ season culminated in a 7th place win at Nationals. During the parade, the ensemble will be marching in front of Disney characters and floats, playing well-known Disney songs such as “It’s A Small World” to prepare the massive crowds for the show ahead.

Although the Marching Wolverines will be the only Woodgrove group performing, all members of Woodgrove’s band program have been invited to tag along and participate in musical clinics designed to strengthen them as individual musicians, and as a whole band.

This trip won’t be all business. Apart from the parade and various clinics, the band also has several trips to Walt Disney World’s various parks and recreational areas planned over the course of their stay. Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios will be stops during their stay, as well as exploring Disney’s shopping and recreation center, Disney Springs.

This trip comes to the band as not only a welcome break from the hard work of the Marching Wolverines’ season but also as the perfect end to the season. The band’s national score of 94 broke the school’s record in such a competition. Because of this, the band members are ready to celebrate.

“The band was really tense with each other last season, and we never really figured it out,” said senior Allison Lynn, Pit Captain of the Marching Wolverines. “Hopefully this will allow us to just chill out and come back together as a family again.”