Superbowl ’51 Outcome


Written by Matthew Gusmerotti

Heading into the Superbowl, the New England Patriots were favored over the Atlanta Falcons, and after it was announced that Falcons QB Matt Ryan had won the league’s MVP award, Atlanta players and fans were riding high heading into the Superbowl. Despite the news, New England ended up winning 34-28  in overtime.

One surprising factor in the game was the Patriots ability to run the ball.  At the end of the game, starting running back LeGarrette Blount had only thirty-one yards off of eleven carries, which averages out to be 2.81 yards per carry.  Since the lack of carries was present on the Patriots side of the ball, Tom Brady ended up throwing the ball sixty-two times.  In the second quarter, Devonta Freeman rushed five yards to the right and scored the Falcons’ first touchdown of the game.  Then, just minutes later, Austin Hooper caught a nineteen yard pass from Matt Ryan to make it a two touchdown lead.  Then, just fourteen plays later, Robert Alford intercepted a pass from Tom Brady at the eighteen-yard line and returned it all the way back for a touchdown, 21-3 going into halftime.

With 8:31 left in the third quarter, Matt Ryan found the end-zone again and connected with Tevin Coleman, 28-3, Falcons.  Later in the quarter, Brady connected with James White for a five-yard touchdown, but then Stephen Gostkowski missed the extra point to try and shorten Atlanta’s lead, 28-9.  Brady then kicked it into high gear and got a quick eight points back on the board by passing it five yards to Danny Amendola and securing the two-point conversion.  28-20, Falcons.  Brady tied it up just minutes later, getting a quick touchdown and two-point conversion.  All tied up at twenty-eight apiece.

At this point, Brady came back from a 28-3 lead, in which the Falcons were nowhere close to their dominating form in the first half of this game.  It took Brady three minutes and fifty-eight seconds to drive his team from the twenty-five-yard line, into the end-zone.  A two yard run from James White, secured the win for Tom Brady’s Patriots team.

In the end, Brady gained his fifth ring and won the Superbowl MVP.  Brady has now had seven Superbowl appearances, winning five.  Brady is fourth on the all-time list of passing yards with 61,582, only trailing Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, and Drew Brees.  He is also behind those same three quarterbacks for all-time passing touchdowns with 456.