Battle of the Books Wins District Competition


Written by Robert Kershner

The Woodgrove Battle of the Books team won the Final Competition with a total of 545 points on April 19 at Briar Woods High School.

Briar Woods High School, Dominion High School, Loudoun Valley High School, Rock Ridge High School, and Stone Bridge High School were all competitors at the Final Competition.

The competition started with Valley and Stone Bridge leading with Woodgrove not far behind.

In the last few rounds, Valley and Woodgrove struggled to get ahead of each other in a nail-biting tie.

Woodgrove came in first place, followed by Briar Woods with 510 points and Loudoun Valley with 505 points.

“[The other teams] did a really good job. They gave us a run for our money. There were some times that we thought we would lose,” said Junior Hudson Vetter.

The Woodgrove Battle of the Books team includes Ellie Dillon, Eli Henriquez, Zach Johnson, Sara Kershner, Robert Kershner, Jacob Letora, Miles Comras, Allison Lyne, Sarah McDowell, Bridgette McGallicher, Abby McGovern, Sophia Miller, Caroline Potts, Dennis Potts, Abbey Smith, Nicole Stutt, Cat Thomas, Isabelle Ulin, and Hudson Vetter.


Battle of the Books Hosts Semi-Final Competition

For the first time in five years, the Woodgrove Battle of the Books team hosted the semi-final competition at Woodgrove High School on March 29.

Woodgrove came in first place with 530 points and Loudoun Valley in second place with 440 points.

Battle of the Books is a club in which members read specific books and go to competitions where they are asked questions relating to those books.

Since September, the team has practiced on Wednesdays, and as the semi-finals grew closer,  met more frequently.

“We have been practicing all year to be prepared for the competition,” said Senior and Co-President Sara Kershner.

In order to prepare for the semi-final, members break into teams and are asked questions similar to what is asked in a competition.

“We make [practices] as similar to the competition as we can so we will be prepared,” said Senior and Co-President Caroline Potts.

The participating schools are broken up into districts. Schools that competed in the semi-final at Woodgrove were Loudoun Valley High School, Loudoun County High School, Douglass School, and Tuscarora High School. The schools that earn first and second place in their district semi-finals will move onto the final competition.

The Battle of the Books club is a great way to get students involved in school activities.

“[Battle of the Books] is a way for people who don’t play sports to compete,” said Junior and Vice President Hudson Vetter. Vetter feels that Battle of the Books helps students who love reading participate in the school.

The club also helps students by offering certain academic skills.

“[The Battle of the Books] helps students enjoy literature and reading,” said Team Sponsor Dr. Haugh. The students also learn how to study literature and remember specific details.

Additionally, the club helps students be a part of a community with other students with similar likes.

“[The students] make close bonds and friendships,” said Dr. Haugh.

The final competition will be held at Briar Woods High School on April 19. Both Woodgrove and Loudoun Valley will be competing.